Design patterns for Containerised Deployments

Tim Berry, SRE Team Lead at Claranet


Tim runs the Site Reliability Engineering team for Google Cloud Platform at Claranet’s Public Cloud Practice. Prior to that I built and managed the DevOps infrastructure for ForgeRock, another Bristol tech company.


A talk on ‘Infrastructure as Code with Terraform: Codifying your infrastructure’; bring the benefits of configuration management to your platform layer, with better quality control, predictable deployments and even shiny pipelines. This talk will give a brief introduction to Terraform, a vendor-neutral declarative tool that defines your infrastructure as code.

From Dev* to DevOps: Surviving a digital transformation

Edward Peason, Delivery Manager at DevOpsGuys


A talk on ‘From Dev* to DevOps: Surviving a digital transformation’. Ed will talk about his transition into DevOps and provides personal insights to help you survive a digital transformation. By looking at the personal journey you will need to go on, what you will need from your team and what to expect when working as an agent of change, Ed will provide practical guidance for anyone embarking on or being taken on this journey.