An introduction to Docker and how we use it in CI/CD & Bringing DevOps to the Internet of Things

Stefan Krist, Platform Engineer, BJSS

Stefan is a Platform Engineer currently working at BJSS with a strong Linux sysadmin background. He also worked as a Ruby developer in the past mostly writing AWS automation tools and loves to automate complex workflows be that in the cloud or on tin.

Stefan gave the first talk, “An introduction to Docker and how we use it in CI/CD”. This is the story of the high and lows of Stefan’s first Docker project, learning the ropes, failing often and making continuous tweaks to their tech stack. After a few months of trial and error the team arrived at ‘beautiful’ and robust CI/CD pipelines.

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace, DevOps & Internet of Things Consultant

Matthew Macdonald-Wallace has been encouraging organisations to adopt better ways of working through Agile and DevOps for the past 8 years. He’s also worked in tech-support and systems administration, and he’s even been known to turn his hand to writing code.

These days Matthew can be found helping organisations to harness the power of the Internet of Things in order to improve their decision making around environmental processes.

Matthew lives in Monmouth, Wales with his family and he can often be found chasing across the fields after the family dog whilst she refuses to come back to him.

Matthew gave a talk on “Bringing DevOps to the Internet of Things”. This talk explored how DevOps principles of collaborative working, automation, and iteration can be brought to IoT Devices and help improve decision making.