Journey from Monolith to Kubernetes & Succeeding with DevOps; it’s not about DevOps

Zoltan Tarcsay, Senior Cloud Architect at Forgerock

Zoltan has been working at Forgerock since 2013. On a day-to day basis, he is involved in the whole lifecycle of the platform, from design and architecture through development and testing to deployment and maintenance. Last year he was part of the team that rearchitected their monolithic deployment into a microservice platform in AWS using Docker Swarm. This year they’re going one step further and are moving to Kubernetes in GCP. They’ve been also adopting Agile and DevOps ideas along the way. Zoltan is currently developing Helm charts for the upcoming Kubernetes deployment.

Zoltan gave a talk on “The BackStage journey from monolith to Docker Swarm to Kubernetes” - an overview of how Forgerock do microservices in practice, with some deep dives into difficult problems they had to tackle along the way (such as managing persistence in a stateless world), as well as some lessons learned and what they want to change in the future.

John Clapham, Agile & DevOps Coach

John Clapham is an independent coach, trainer and consultant. He specialises in DevOps and Agile, helping teams to build great products, and organisations to become more effective, productive and enjoyable to work in. His broad experience ranges from start-up to enterprise scale, gained in the publishing, telecommunications, commerce, defense and public sector arenas. John’s initiatives are fueled by coffee, Lego and Bristol’s frequent inclement weather. He occasionally surfaces as @JohnC_Bristol, and has been rumoured to blog at

John gave a talk on “Succeeding with DevOps; it’s not about DevOps”. It seems almost impossible to hide from extravagant claims about DevOps; bring operations and development together and you’re almost guaranteed improved resilience, speed of execution, and quality - all at reduced cost. In reality just starting, never mind sustaining, DevOps ways of working is challenging. One reason is that IT seldom exists in isolation, it interfaces, and interferes, with many parts of the business. This talk explores why those people and system factors are critical to the success of change, how you can play your part, and how developing a DevOps culture could help, or hinder, your organisation.