Build security early into your CD pipeline

Nick Coombs, Sonatype

Why should I ’Shift Left’, build security early into my SDLC process and allow automated deployments as part of my CD pipeline.

Container Security

Andy Gale, Hello Future

Very Lightning Talk about Container Security

Taking Kubernetes to the Limits

Matt Bates, Co-founder at Jetstack, a Kubernetes company

In this short talk, learn about resource management and QoS in Kubernetes; how it works and how you can inform Kubernetes of the resources needed for your application pods to run safely and smoothly, whilst squeezing every last drop of resource to maximise cluster efficiency.

Granular config for apps

Dan Ackroyd, Immediate Media Co

Gone are the days where the only environments you had are dev and prod. These days you have many more environments and need a way of managing config that scales.

In this talk, I wibble on about how why you should build your config from granular parts, rather than monolithic blocks so that you can scale your config to support many environments without going insane.


Chris Hawes, Basekit