Ten Easy Wins

Jamie Andrews, Senior IT Operations Engineer at IOP Publishing

In the real world, what small steps can we make to move our less than ideal deployment and development environments a bit nearer to the DevOps dream?

With far too many years spent trying to automate and improve IT systems environments, Jamie Andrews is now doing what he’s always done at IOPP. Notorious cyclist, lives in Devon

People, not Platforms

Dan Young

This talk is about People, not Platforms. This is purposefully not about the technology behind DevOps, PaaS or continuous innovation, but rather what it actually means for organisations to try to work in this way; specifically, large, established businesses called Enterprises. It’s also an exploration of the crazy and irrational things that we keep doing as humans, once we’ve been arranged into a hierarchy and system of beliefs.

Dan has worked in and around managed service providers (especially Telcos) for the last 10 years. He most recently worked as a Product Director for Daisy Group, and previously as a consultant with EMC’s service provider team. Dan can be found at @dan0young on Twitter or at ejecteject.co.uk.