This month at Bristol DevOps we have a talk from David Goodall on Blue/Green deployments followed by an open discussion session where we can discuss our DevOps issues, tools or anything else we feel like. I’m also happy to accept lightning talks if you’ve got something you’d like to say.

Real-world Automated Blue/Green Deployment

David Goodall - Director, SysAdmin and DevOps consultant at MySysAdmin Ltd.

Featuring AWS and Chef to provision a Blue/Green production Drupal architecture. Co-starring Bash scripts, Varnish, CloudFormation, RDS, Elasticache, Autoscaling, ELB, and HA NAT.

David Goodall has been admin’ing sys’s for 15 years mainly at technology startups, but most recently spent 2 years at Amazon before founding MySysAdmin. He is an enthusiastic adopter of DevOps culture and methodology, and an enthusiastic but tired new Dad.