WTF is Sensu - A DevOps guide to Monitoring

Toby Jackson - Systems Engineer at Future PLC

Find out how to monitor the health of your applications and services with a modern, scalable monitoring solution that keeps both Developers and Operators happy. This presentation will introduce some core monitoring concepts, and the architecture and configuration of Sensu in a number of different scenarios.

Toby Jackson is a Software Developer turned Systems Engineer at Future PLC with experience in everything from racking servers, to developing simple cloud-based web applications. If he’s not experimenting with new software, he’ll be holding a soldiering iron starting another IoT project.

Find me on Twitter and GitHub - @warmfusion

Grow Your ELK Herd With

Matthew Macdonald-­Wallace - DevOps Engineer at DevOpsGuys

An introduction to automated deployment, configuration and scaling out of Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana using Consul, Terraform and Ansible.

Matthew is a DevOps Engineer at DevOpsGuys. He’s spent the last fifteen years moving from first-line support to providing automated systems testing, configuration management and monitoring solutions for some of the UK’s best-known brands and companies including HP Cloud, Vodafone and Namesco as well as running large-scale web hosting clusters, implementing PCI Compliant platforms and helping develop OpenStack Nova.

When he’s not busy trying to monitor all the things, Matthew can be found at home with his family or tinkering in his garage with computer-controlled model railways, arduinos, drones and model helicopters.

Matthew’s blog can be found at and he can be contacted on Twitter as @proffalken

Thanks to Basekit for providing the venue, pizza and beer!