How we use Kubernetes at the Home Office

Billie Thompson - Software Developer at Purple Booth

An introduction to Docker and Kubernetes, with and explanation of how we use it at the home office

Billie Thompson is a software developer. She is currently contracted with the home office developing a suite of APIs. During her time working in the software industry she has worked on frontend, backend and DevOps, and uses that knowledge to make all sides work well together.

@purplebooth on Twitter/Github (and most other things)

Running database containers using Marathon and Flocker

Kai Davenport - Developer Evangelist at ClusterHQ

As microservices become more and more popular - we are encouraged to choose the right database for the job, resulting in an increase in the number of database processes in the cluster. Wouldn’t it be great if we could use a Marathon manifest for our entire application including these stateful database processes. The problem is that when a database process writes to disk, it turns that server into a pet where it was cattle before. This talk will introduce Flocker, talk about Docker plugins and finally demonstrate the two working together to achieve the seamless scheduling and migration of stateful database containers using Marathon.

Kai works on the developer relations team at ClusterHQ - the creators of Flocker. He has been busy working on the Docker Volume Plugin and previously was hard at work on Powerstrip - a prototyping tool for Docker extensions. In a previous life Kai was developing educational software and has been developing web-based software for 15 years.

Thanks to Basekit for providing the venue, pizza and beer!