CI at BaseKit

Ade Slade - Systems Architect at BaseKit

We started with just Jenkins, building a small of set of branches. Now we build every branch with functional tests, thanks to Docker and other tools. I’ll go through the latest iteration of the set-up and detail some of the issues encountered along the way.

Ade is an unashamed PHP developer and fan of containers.

Removing the Batteries

Rob Haswell - Founder and VP Product at ClusterHQ

At DockerCon Europe last year, Docker set out to avoid becoming a monolithic software stack under the mantra “batteries included, but removable”. Now, Docker 1.8 sees the launch of the first two plugin models for Docker: Network plugins and Volume plugins. This talk will guide you through the basics of Docker’s plugin model and show you how to write your first plugin.

Rob has been working with container software for over 5 years, writing Python for FreeBSD and more recently Linux. He is founder and VP Product of ClusterHQ.

Doing Devops Badly (Slowly)

Adam Scarborough - Devops Contractor

The technical, non technical and pseudo-technical reasons why DevOps projects are a much bigger headache than they might need to be, how we (sometimes) work past them.

Adam is a Devops Contractor and is currently working on the MOT project, previously at the Home Office and various other private enterprises

Thanks to Basekit who will be providing the venue, beer and pizza.